Pie charts and bar graphs

For some reason, hundreds of people looked at this old post of mine one day a couple of weeks ago.  It consists almost entirely of this image, borrowed from haha.nu:

I have no idea what drew so much traffic to this item, but evidently the joke resonates with the Zeitgeist.  Here’s the latest Partially Clips:

These may remind you of an xkcd from last year that consisted of self-referential charts and graphs, or of this joke.

The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

Via haha.nu, a “Periodic Table of Periodic Tables.”  The more closely you look, the more clever it is.

Some connections

How do you pronounce "deeaaaaaaad"?

“Gay Teen Worried He Might be Christian” [The Onion, via Roger Hollander]

Cliff Clavin’s role in the Massachusetts Senate race; or, hold it right there, Doy-enne- it’s a little known fact that some of America’s greatest senators have been naked guys

A novelty Periodic Table lists common uses for particular elements.  Included are such valuable services as being a component of radioactive waste.  Hey, that’s better than anything Senator Naked (R-Massachusetts) is likely to do.  [haha.nu]

Some of Max Fleischer’s early avant-garde animation [Liza Cowan]

Lucy Knisley remembers bottle-base sidewalks.  I remember them too, but Google doesn’t seem to, at least not under that name. 

Conan O’Brien’s Funniest Show [The New York Times, via Steve Sailer]

But why is she winking at me?

Via haha.nu:

Alice Reighly

She grew up without a View-Master

Thanks to haha for linking to this LA Times story in which a woman tells what it was like to spend the first 48 years of her life unable to see in three dimensions, and what it was like to gain that ability in middle age.

Don’t we all know how she feels?

Thanks to haha.nu:

some days, it doesn't pay to get up

More funny math

Thanks to haha.nu for this silly, yet clever, “solution.” funny-math

Conspiracy theory

Thanks to haha.


Not with a whimper

Originally posted on snotr.com in October, this video (which I found on haha.nu) may offer some consolation to those who don’t enjoy the Christmas season.

The Midas Touch

Thanks to haha.nu for linking to this video offering a new version of an ancient myth

Here’s another reimagining, from a few years back: