Tweets of the Week: Swear Trek Edition

I’m often impressed at how well the captions sync with the lip movements on Swear Trek gifs derived from the original Star Trek. Especially so for the ones featuring James Doohan or DeForest Kelley, those guys just looked like great cussers.

I can hardly remember that this wasn’t the actual line:

All three of these look convincing:

There are also some good ones with Captain Kirk:

And notable guest stars have their moments as well. Here’s Number One:

And Captain Pike:

Abraham Lincoln:

And my overall favorite, Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney:

Tweets of the Week: Holy Saturday Edition

The Rev’d Mr Ben Meyer on one of those odd passages in the Gospels:

The Rev’d Mr Chris Corbin on some stuff that goes around the internet this time of year:

What Mr C would prefer:

The Rev’d Dr Dr Kara Slade cites the Book of The Boss:

Rachel of “Underthenettle” reminisces about tumblr:

In response to which James MacKinnon shares an old post by Sean Collins:

“Old Hollow Tree” shares a picture of Michelangelo’s Pieta:

Eleanor Parker shares a thread of Maundy Thursday images:

Tweets of the Week: 26 March- 1 April 2023

Cranky Federalist reminds us of the Golden Rule:

Mind of Marisa tells a sad story:

Alice from Queens links to an old piece by Matt Bruenig (who is not the son of Matt Groening, very confusing):

Rabbi Ari Lamm reads the Bible in Hebrew, as for example in this thread about the Serpent in the Garden:

Abby Denton shares an insight into the worldview of English speakers:

Monica Hesse measures the passing of the years:

A courtroom exchange: