The austerity of height

“The austerity of height shamed back the vulgar baggage of our cares. In the place of consequence it set freedom, power to be alone, to slip the escort of our manufactured selves; a rest and forgetfulness of the chains of being.”

-T.E. Lawrence

Waterfall by Hokusai

The Hell Is “Qat” ?

Is Qat something like Khat or Quat? Isn’t that a drug ingested for a stimulant effect?

If no one knows from first hand knowledge, maybe we can look it up!


Indiana makes!

A former US Solicitor General teams up with a guy named Srinivas to show that Indiana’s voting regulations make no sense.

Farting 2008: Qualitative, Global, Rising?

There is little doubt that continued research around issues of flatus is poised to bear unusually productive fruit in the newly-sprung year. From the Bilbao School’s creeping renaissance in statistical modeling to the sharp blasts of iconoclastic reappraisal of sheer number crunching from Russian sources, the internationalization of interest in the field is no longer at all subtle. Moreover, this broadening of input, far from being a deadly influence, has accompanied a distinct bloating in subscriber numbers of previously obscure mailing lists like Smelt Quarterly, Analytical Perspectives on Aromas, and the more mainstream yet well-credentialed WAFT. The variety and quality of ripe, fresh voices in the discipline may include some that are perceived as barking or droning, certainly. This review of completed (and momentarily held back) releases in the literature of “farting” attempts to show, regardless, that a cacophony of production is precisely the motivation needed to bring fresh air to a scholarly community often prone to excessive restraint.