[An original comic by blog cofounder Le Falcon.  Here are the first three installments, together with his introductory texts and links to their first appearances here on Los Thunderlads.- Acilius] 

[Episode 1, originally posted 24 September 2009]

I swore that I would create a comic strip called USA:  CRAZYWORLD! and come out with — if not hundreds of installments; God knows the subject matter is rich enough — at least one.  Hmm.  During the Bush administration, withdrawal from Iraq was said to be UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE.  (Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists!!!)  Now a gradual “standing down” in Iraq is taken for granted.  So what changed?  Wait, don’t tell me!  THE SURGE WORKED.  Yeah, that’s it.  So let’s “surge” Afghanistan … and then we will be able to withdraw from there, too!  God, it all makes so much sense.  Anyhow, in conclusion:  “GO, USA!!!”usa crazyworld! 1 of 2

[Episode 2, originally posted 29 September 2009]

aI guess you have to make at least two of something before it can be technically called a “series.” I’m not entirely comfortable with the flippant, satirical usage of Jesus Christ here … but as one can plainly see, the humor is never at Jesus’ expense. (How have they been able to make the “Blondie” strip all these years without even once bringing in Christ to help set up a joke?)






[Episode 3, originally posted 3 October 2009:]

This time, we’re exploring the personal costs tied to intensive AM listening. A harrowed waif stands poised at the precipice of madness, but receives the consoling tones of a caring “life coach” or similar figure. A lesson in hard realities. Questions to ponder:  Does the young waif actually in fact swear off AM listening? Is that his own hand switching on the radio? And if so, when does this take place? The same day, as he savors a “last hurrah” of sorts? The very next day, as his resolve crumbles like dry tinder against the lush prospect of a tortuous Rush Limbaugh tirade against “cap-and-trade”?



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