John R. Hazzard, Al Wood, and other eminences of the ukulele

Al Wood’s roundups of ukulele videos have been a highlight of Saturdays for many years now; the latest installment is no exception. My particular favorites from this list were the last three, from Maiah Wynne and Dreadlight, Laura Currie, and Randy Gapasin.

There were two other videos posted last week that would also have been worthy of inclusion. One appeared on YouTube late in the week, perhaps after Al had finalized the list. It is John R. Hazzard’s first performance video in two years, and it’s worth the wait:

Another notable absence is of a video I wouldn’t expect Al ever to include in his best-of postings, since he’s modest and it’s one of his own:

Also last week, weird New Orleans musician Dr John died, just days after the death of equally weird quasi-New Orleans musician Leon Redbone. So here’s a ukulele cover of one of Dr John’s best-known songs, from Jonny Ukebox:

And here’s Leon Redbone singing “Anytime,” accompanied by a fan on ukulele: