“There are about 100 million women less on this earth than there should be. Women who are ‘missing’ since they are aborted, burnt, starved and neglected to death by families who prefer sons to daughters. .  The estimated number of women who are missing are 44 million in China, 39 million in India, 6 million in Pakistan and 3 billion in Bangladesh. This is the single largest genocide in human history.” -Lucinda Marshall, Feminist Peace Network

Feminist Peace Network

“More than 3,800 women and girls have been murdered in Guatemala since the year 2000. What local activists are calling ‘femicide’ is spreading in Guatemala and throughout Latin America. . Guatemala’s femicides are notable for their brutality as well as the impunity that exists for the perpetrators. Countrywide, a mere 1-2% of crimes against life are effectively prosecuted, meaning that someone who commits murder in Guatemala has a 98-99% chance of escaping prosecution and punishment.” -Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

Bush Truth Commission


Why a commission?

Petition to Investigate Bush/Cheney

Not with a whimper

Originally posted on snotr.com in October, this video (which I found on haha.nu) may offer some consolation to those who don’t enjoy the Christmas season.

Dr Strangelove Dr Strangelove

Canadian artist Kristan Horton has imitated stills from DR STRANGELOVE using household objects.  The project has resulted in a book, Dr Strangelove Dr Strangelove.  The picture below is an example:

A big plane, like a 52- you should see it some time!

A big plane, like a 52- you should see it some time!


How to destroy the Earth

There’s a presidential election coming up, so it’s easy to imagine that our least favorite candidate will win and annihilate the human race, or perhaps all life on Earth.  But why should he stop there?  Science offers an array of several more-or-less plausible methods of destroying the planet itself. 

Here’s a top ten list; and here‘s the original from which that list was derived.  An isotope geochemist points out a relatively simple method his discipline has enbled him to see.  This video explains how antimatter could be used to erase the Earth completely; this one explains how a wandering black hole could swallow the Earth.  Here is a news story reporting reasons why would-be Earth destroyers shouldn’t get their hopes up that the Large Hadron Collider will do their work for them.   Several years ago North Korea threatened to destroy the Earth rather than have another meeting with Donald Rumsfeld; I must admit they had a point.  Also, gays apparently have the power to destroy the Earth by getting married.  Who knew?