The Norwegian Association for the Blind is an even funnier group than their name might suggest

A couple of years ago, Believer1 embedded a short video here from the Norwegian Association for the Blind.  It was hilarious, as is this video, produced around the same time, making it clear why people shouldn’t bother service dogs while they’re on the job:

The Believer’s service dog is an important part of our family; when the three of us are out on the town, people sometimes ask me when it’s appropriate to pet him.  I tell them, first, that the key thing is to ask her permission before paying any attention to her dog.  I then compare him to a dentist.  If a dentist was drilling your teeth, you wouldn’t want someone to wander into the room and start rubbing your dentist’s head and shoulders, exclaiming “What a good dentist!”  If you can understand why it would be wrong to do that, you should be able to understand why it is wrong to interrupt a service dog on the job.

Cat Roombas Dog

This video is everywhere else, so it may as well be here too!

Working Dogs

I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to CCI.  They have been training assistance dogs for mor than 30 years.  I have received two assistance dogs from them both of which made it possible (one is still making it possible) for me to lead a happy, productive life.  I do not take the training of service dogs lightly.  I just thought the video was cute.

Psychic Saves Wind-Blown Chihuahua

Associated Press:

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked up the six-pound Chihuahua and tossed her out of sight.

Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.

The Utleys, of Rochester, had set up an outdoor display Saturday at a flea market in Waterford Township, 25 miles northwest of DetroitTinker Bell was standing on their platform trailer when she was swept away.

Dorothy Utley tells The Detroit News that her cherished pet “just went wild” upon seeing her.

Phranc records a canine agility contest

Here’s the latest installment of “Phranc Talk.”  No music in this one, but dog lovers will be fascinated.

Conspiracy theory

Thanks to haha.


When Is a Clone Not a Clone?

In a laboratory somewhere, an evil scientist is trying to create and grow viable human clones past infancy, and running out of room for the clone “rejects.”

You have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House

This has been embedded in about a million websites over the last several days, it might as well be here too.  It’s kind of stupid for the first minute, then extremely funny for about 30 seconds, then goes back and forth between annoyingly stupid and screamingly hilarious for the remaining two minutes. 

An unexpected visitor

It was Thursday, 23 May 2002.  I walked to school.  About halfway there a little reddish dog with a twisting tail started following me. 
I tried to ignore him, couldn’t completely as there was some traffic and I didn’t want to be responsible for him getting hit.  He passed up several other pedestrians to stick with me.  When I got to the door of North Quad I had to make a decision.  Would I let him in to my office and call animal control, or would i shut him out of the building?  He was awfully thin, reminded me of a dog found half-starved whose picture was in the paper the week before.  Being so thin, with his red fur and pointy ears, he almost looked more like a fox than a puppy.  So I let him into the office. 
The class was very small, just 8 students; that happens sometimes in the summer.  At that time my office was in a room off a little conference area.  The class met in that area.  So the dog came into the classroom with me. 
It was a 95 minute class.  Throughout it the students were playing with the dog and telling storis about dogs who had followed them.   From the table where we sat you could see out the window to the southwest entrance to the building.  We all glanced out that window from time to time, hoping that animal control would get there.  Class ended and animal control still hadn’t shown up.  A student got up to leave.  He opened the door, and the dog ran out.  We all jumped up to herd him back into the room.  Glancing over my shoulder at the window, I saw him bolt out. 
I don’t know if it was the same dog, but starting a few weeks later I would occasionally see a very similar little dog, same shade of red, same twist in his tail, following a homeless man around the neighborhood I lived in at the time.  I saw them together scores of times.  It was a couple of years before I saw the homeless man without the dog.  I asked the man what had happened to him.  He lit up and described the good home he’d found for the dog.  A nice house, fenced-in yard, and a loving family.  Then he went back about his business, picking up cans off the street.   

Tall buildings with a single bound

From the hated CollegeHumor, a compelling image.