Fatigue. Hypothermia. Death.

Featured in an old Mental Floss list that I stumbled upon a few moments ago, a poster for some movie called Open Water 2:

I’d never heard of Open Water 2; honestly, I’m not sure I’d ever heard of Open Water 1.  But I haven’t been able to stop laughing at the idea of a movie that was evidently marketed under the slogan “Fatigue.  Hypothermia.  Death.”  The funniest part of it is the punctuation.


A weird spam comment

Here’s the text of a comment that our spam filter caught last night:

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Mind you, this is a single comment.  There was only one link in it, at the beginning of the comment.  My guess is that it was supposed to be 22 separate comments.  I don’t know anything about how spammers operate, so I don’t know what kind of mistake would generate such a result.

ViewMaster: It’s not dead yet

The death of ViewMaster has been announced more than once, but the medium keeps rising from the dead.  The latest newsletter from Las Vegas-based 3dStereo.com brings word of some new products, including an original story in the form of a booklet and three stereo reels produced by comedy writer Eric Drysdale (of The Colbert Report fame,) a new advertising reel for Embassy Suites hotels, some new soft-core porn “glamour” reels, and a lot of reissues of old sets.  I’d also mention a release Fisher-Price made in October, a three-reel set of Where the Wild Things Are, which shows the pages of the original book with the white borders and text of the pages as a proscenium foreground and the illustrations inset in three dimensions.  It’s a very clever envisioning of a children’s book, and a perfect use of the stereoscope.  It was originally released as a gift set with a cardboard box and a Model L viewer.  It’s still available in that format from 3Dstereo, but it’s in stores as a simple 3 reel blisterpak.  Highly recommended.

“How and What to Tell a Communist”



I hope the Communist is the guy pointing and talking.  He looks pretty obnoxious, and it would be reassuring to know “that his scheme for world domination is doomed to failure.”   

Where Volkswagens Come From

Via Weirdomatic:

Yin and Yang

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. A cigarette, however, is nothing but a little phallus.

When I saw this story in The Independent yesterday, I was sure that Cymast would post about it here any minute.  A day has passed, and she still hasn’t.  So I’ll do it. 

The Independent writes:

French advertising companies are often criticised for using sexual images to sell everything from designer spectacles to sweetcorn. Now, for the first time, a controversy has erupted in France over the use of sexually suggestive posters as a deterrent.

A campaign to discourage young people from smoking shows male and female teenagers kneeling in front of a man, as if being forced to have oral sex. A cigarette takes the place of the man’s sexual organ. The caption reads: “Smoking is to be a slave to tobacco.”

 Later in the story:

Marco de la Fuente, the leader of the project for the BDDP et Fils ad agency, said: “The old arguments – tobacco is bad for you – don’t work any more. The message here is that tobacco is a form of submission. In the popular imagination, oral sex is the perfect symbol of submission.”

Gérard Audureau, the president of Les Droits des Non-fumeurs (The Rights of Non-smokers), the pressure group which commissioned the ads, said health arguments did not reach teenagers. “Young people think that they are invincible, immortal,” he said. “Fear of sexual exploitation worries them more than illness.”

Opposition to the ads – to be shown in bars, clubs and newspapers – has been widespread. Florence Montreynaud, of the feminist pressure group Chiennes de Garde (Guard Bitches), said that it was “inadmissible” that an image implying underage sex should be exploited, even in a good cause.

So according to Messieurs de la Fuente and Audureau, French teenagers have such a horror of oral sex that they would rather abstain from smoking than seem to be performing it.

Dictionary Too Sexy for Grade-Schoolers


Grade-schoolers learn sexy words on the street corner instead.

Jesus Guns


US military uses rifles marked with Bible codes.

For those times you really, really wanna know what the person who googled right before you googled.

I guess I DIDN'T wanna know.

I guess I DIDN'T wanna know.

A couple times I thought it was talking to me.

But why is she winking at me?

Via haha.nu:

Alice Reighly