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Find the name and artist of a song by singing it.

Find a copy of an image on the web.

Y Chromosome Struggles to Adapt

Double X chromosome pairing appears more adapted.

Planimals Exist!


I always knew planimals were real, now everybody else will know!

Cat Roombas Dog

This video is everywhere else, so it may as well be here too!

Retailers Destroy Unsold Clothes

Instead of donating clothes to charity for a tax write-off.


“There are about 100 million women less on this earth than there should be. Women who are ‘missing’ since they are aborted, burnt, starved and neglected to death by families who prefer sons to daughters. .  The estimated number of women who are missing are 44 million in China, 39 million in India, 6 million in Pakistan and 3 billion in Bangladesh. This is the single largest genocide in human history.” -Lucinda Marshall, Feminist Peace Network

Feminist Peace Network

“More than 3,800 women and girls have been murdered in Guatemala since the year 2000. What local activists are calling ‘femicide’ is spreading in Guatemala and throughout Latin America. . Guatemala’s femicides are notable for their brutality as well as the impunity that exists for the perpetrators. Countrywide, a mere 1-2% of crimes against life are effectively prosecuted, meaning that someone who commits murder in Guatemala has a 98-99% chance of escaping prosecution and punishment.” -Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

Rise- Herb Alpert

Mr. Herb Alpert & Mrs. Lani Hall and friends


The ultimate pesky bugs.


Have a Chevy Chase Christmas