What we’ve posted on the Tumblr site

Since our most recent substantive post here, we’ve posted all of this stuff on our Tumblr site:

-a recent Jem Cooke video

– a picture of a funny sign

-a link to the announcement of a new comic book a friend of ours made

-a video of classical ukuleleist Valèry Sauvage playing Ken Middleton’s arrangement of a traditional Irish tune

-a little joke about a political controversy that’s been raging in the USA

-a one-panel comic about Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

-a video of ukuleleist The Bradlands playing Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, accompanied by a link to Phranc’s ukulele version of the same song

-a video of Bosko and Honey performing with The Uke Box

-an animated short, made in 1973 and narrated by Orson Welles, dramatizing Plato’s allegory of the Cave

We haven’t moved from this site to that one.  It’s just that we’ve all been a bit busy, and it’s been easier to find a couple of minutes to slap a video or a link on Tumblr than to do the sort of writing we usually produce for this site.  We’ll post more stuff here soon.

Jem Cooke’s recent youtube videos

Some new Jem Cooke videos went up on youtube last month.  They are


“(It Happened) Yesterday,” a tribute to her parents on their 31st wedding anniversary

Where You Stand

Jem Cooke Misses You

This was the featured link on ukulelehunt early in July, it’s been playing in my head more or less constantly ever since. 

She has some other really great performances posted on youtube, unfortunately in most of them she doesn’t play the ukulele.  Even so, she sings her song “Revolution” with such force I have to post a link to it here.