Let Ratchet Come Home

  • “Soldiers rescue puppy from a burning pile of trash back in May”
  • “10,000 people sign online petition urging Army to let puppy come home with soldier”
  • “Operation Baghdad Pups says it has gotten 50 dogs transferred to the U.S. “

    Please read this article about this poor pup  that thought he found true happiness and freedom with his hero only to find out that he may be left to die in a war zone.  I would go get him myself and take him to the soldier’s family if I could.  The solder and dog have a bond that should not be broken.  You mean to tell me that she can risk her life in the name of her country and than asks for something as easy as taking a dog back home with her and the army says NO.  That makes me SICK!! 

    Please sign Ratchet’s petition.