Time and cartoons

In the comic books, Superman is quitting his day job as a newspaperman.  The company that publishes the Superman titles, DC Comics, explains that, as part of an effort to make the character more relevant to “the 21st century,” he will become- a blogger!  Evidently the part of the 21st century they want him to be relevant to is the part that ended about 6 years ago.

Nina Paley summarizes the history of the Levant in 3 minutes and 32 seconds of animation.

Despite what you’d expect from a webcomic with its name, Doghouse Diaries rarely deals with dogs.  Yesterday’s strip is therefore in rare company.

Neither Zach Weiner nor Randall Munroe is at all impressed with the level of statistical discourse in mass media.


Some notable webcomics

Lucy Knisly has “always been taught that to have less- to economize and prune- is better, and allows us to focus on the intangible and immaterial things.”* (Stop Paying Attention)

“The proverb should be : A bird in the hand is worth a bird in the hand.” (Doghouse Diaries)

How images can distort our perceptions of the world around us. (Ferd’nand**)

“Specialness is not a conserved quantity.” (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Disgust is to violence as respect is to thought. (Indexed)

“As you can see, our company has a long history of not hiring minorities.”  (Partially Clips)

*I’ve always been taught that as well, and this strip makes me wonder if it really is true.

**I know Ferd’nand isn’t technically a webcomic, since it appears in newspapers, and it doesn’t have the ethos of a webcomic, since it isn’t crudely drawn and doesn’t trade on its readers’ sense of intellectual superiority.  But I read it online, and this installment is clever, so by my standards it qualifies.