Some notable webcomics

Lucy Knisly has “always been taught that to have less- to economize and prune- is better, and allows us to focus on the intangible and immaterial things.”* (Stop Paying Attention)

“The proverb should be : A bird in the hand is worth a bird in the hand.” (Doghouse Diaries)

How images can distort our perceptions of the world around us. (Ferd’nand**)

“Specialness is not a conserved quantity.” (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Disgust is to violence as respect is to thought. (Indexed)

“As you can see, our company has a long history of not hiring minorities.”  (Partially Clips)

*I’ve always been taught that as well, and this strip makes me wonder if it really is true.

**I know Ferd’nand isn’t technically a webcomic, since it appears in newspapers, and it doesn’t have the ethos of a webcomic, since it isn’t crudely drawn and doesn’t trade on its readers’ sense of intellectual superiority.  But I read it online, and this installment is clever, so by my standards it qualifies.

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