A threat to the Internet

The US Congress is considering the “Stop Online Piracy Act,” a bill which, if passed, would greatly increase the power of corporations to censor websites, either by insisting on government action or by directly intervening.  Here are a few links to reports about how bad the bill is and what can be done to stop it.

Huffington Post, “Internet Companies and Lawmakers Speak Out Against the Stop Online Piracy Act

Ars Technica, “Republicans, Democrats, Google, and the Church of Sweden Unite to Stop Hollywood

BoingBoing, “Stop SOPA, save the Internet

BoingBoing, “How SOPA will change the net

BoingBoing, “Joe Biden: SOPA is un-American- but not when America does it

Comics With Problems




Thanks to BoingBoing for linking to this online repository of unusual comic books.

Obama imagery


One recent post showed a photo of President Obama tying a bow tie; another discussed the intense fascination with his physical person that seems to have gripped so many people.   That led some of us to compare our favorite pictures of Mr O. 

The original

The iconic image of Mr O so far is probably Shepard Fairey‘s “Hope” poster.  In October, Fairey himself contacted boingboing.net with a link to a collection of spoofs of his poster.  A few I can’t resist copying appear after the jump. (more…)

Disability visibility II

Author Peggy Munson is interviewed by Susie Bright on BoingBoing about an erotic stories of hers involving disabled characters.  Munson has a mobility impairment herself, but doesn’t go into depth about it in this interview.  Asked whether she’d any disability anti-defamation groups had accused her of representing these characters in an insensitive way, Munson reports that “Disabled folks never get enough recognition to even arrive on the p.c. radar… Disabled people usually don’t get worked up about radical sex because they’re used to their bodies being put under a microscope- poked and prodded and subjected to telethon-esque social freak shows… Even conservative disabled bodies are, on some level, living a queer sexuality.”

What is my body?

Body Swappers at Work

Body Swappers at Work

Body Swappers at Work

Body Swappers at Work

My favorite 18th century philosopher, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, defined his body as “That part of the world which I can change simply by thinking about it.”  Now experiments are underway to test this insight and replace it with a body of scientific laws.  Here is a paper about the results of one such experiment.  Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.