Click Mort

Somehow I had been unaware of artist Click Mort until this morning, when a friend posted a link on a social media site. As a devotee of ViewMaster, I can only wish that a company like Berezin would bring out a set of reels devoted to these intricate little studies in three-dimensional form.

Where Volkswagens Come From

Via Weirdomatic:

Yin and Yang

Cow People?

This cow person was made by visionary Patricia Piccinini.

This cow person was made by visionary Patricia Piccinini.

Cow people and human people are due any day now . .

OK I’m just kidding about the cow people . .

But I’m NOT kidding about sheep with human parts!

Artist Patricia Piccinini’s vision.

Unleash that Crème Egg Goo!

6 months to make and 200 takes over 3 days to film

Can a robot think? Ask one.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

They shall beat their swords into plush chairs

Thanks to for posting about The Peace Art Project Cambodia, which turned decommissioned small arms into furniture and sculptures. 



Crooked Brains

Sometimes I look at Crooked Brains, a website that seems to consist mainly of pictures somebody collected by doing Google Images searches.  I first found it while doing a Google Images search to collect pictures for this site.  So here are a few of that person’s finds.  The captions are mine.

From a post called “Art with Eatables“:

Egg Pram

Egg Pram



Musk Melon

Musk Melon


From a post called “Perfect Timed Photos




Grandfather Sculpture

My Pap-pa Irvin Passed away in Jan. 2001.  Around the same time I took an art class at Indiana State University.  When the instructor said that he had some sculptures for sale I was happy because I really liked the Idea of owning an original piece of art.  I chose this one because the story that went with it reminded me of my Pap-pa Irvin.  Unfortunately I do not remember the story or the artist’s name.  If I found out any of this important information I will post it. 

LESSON LEARNED: write stuff down

La Pouce

A piece of public art in Paris, via haha.  There are 22 pix of unusual sculptures in that posting, including Seattle’s own Fremont Troll.  Several of them are nsfw. 

Liquid Sculpture

I’m sure you’ve seen closeup photos showing a drop of water making a splash.  Photographer Martin Waugh has made an art form of such pictures.  You should visit his site- the picture below may be striking, but the effect of scrolling through his whole gallery is electric.