Victoria Vox on the Jay Leno Show

All honor to Al Wood’s Ukulele Hunt for posting a link to this video of Victoria Vox on the Jay Leno Show.  I missed Victoria’s blog posting announcing that she would be on, and of course I never watch the Jay Leno Show, so I wouldn’t have known about it but for Al. 

There’s a higher quality video on Facebook.

 Here, Victoria explains the mouth trumpet:

And here’s “Peeping Tomette,” a.k.a. “Chameleon,” which features one of Victoria’s best mouth trumpet solos:

“Chameleon” is the title track of Victoria’s terrific second album, which you can buy at her website.

New Victoria Vox Video on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you should log in right away.  A new video of Victoria Vox’ “Bird Song” is up.  It’s animation produced by Arketype, Inc.  Look for Victoria’s Hitchcock-like cameo.

One of my friends knows someone who was in a horrible accident in Wyoming.  His name is Jerad Hammock (not sure about the spelling) .  He slipped on a rock and fell into a river.  They have not found him yet so they do not know his condition.  I am praying that he is found and that he is alive.  Please join me if you wish. 

Here is a beautiful song by Victoria Vox for Jerad and his family and friends.

Some kids singing along with an album by Victoria Vox

When I hear this song, I make these same hand movements.  The first time I did,  Mrs Acilius laughed.  All the other times she’s smiled politely and looked the other way.  Anyway, there are three possibilities as to why these children do the same thing I do: (1) It’s a meaningless coincidence; (2) Mrs Acilius secretly contacted them and taught them to imitate me; (3) I have the mind of a small child and we all think alike.  I favor possibility (1). 

Ukulele Lady

An old ukulele standard, played by a familiar ensemble.

Victoria Vox also recorded a marvelous version.  Here’s a video of her playing the end of the song:

Victoria Vox wants to spend Christmas with you

Victoria Vox’ “Tucson” for ukulele and cello

“Tucson,” written by Victoria Vox; ukulele and vocals, Victoria Vox; cello, melaniejane.

Victoria Vox is Gonna Be, is Gonna Be the One to Uke Along With You

Victoria Vox covers the Proclaimers’ greatest hit, and shows us why she did it.

Victoria Vox Again

Her video for C’est noye

Victoria Vox Loves You

That’s the new title of her website, and listening to her new album (posted there for free!) you’ll find it hard not to love her back.

Her myspace page is good too-

And she’s got some terrific performances up on youtube- here’s one example: