Kids’ Stuff

elmo-hpThe 40th anniversary of US children’s TV series Sesame Street has been getting a great deal of publicity; for example, the Google homepage has been decorated with Muppets all week.  So I keep wanting to hear Nancie de Ross’ version of  the Sesame Street theme.  Go to her myspace page to hear it. 

 I also want to mention a user-generated website, “I Used to Believe.”  Readers tell of how they understood things when they were little.  For example, “Dawn” admits:

When I was about 7 I stayed with my grandparents for the summer. They kept talking about how they were going to “win a bagel”. I just didn’t understand why they were going to win a bagel. I later learned they were going to buy a camper, a Winnebago!

From “j.m.”:

Before I could read, but with some letter recognition, I mistakenly believed the crosswalk in front of the church said “Presbyterian Crossing”. One morning I asked my Dad where the Baptists and Catholics crossed the street.

From “reset button”:

up until the age of eleven i used to think that all pregnant women had to do was push their belly buttons back in to make the stork bring the baby. when i asked my mother this she laughed at me and said through happy tears “if only”!


Ukulele Lady

An old ukulele standard, played by a familiar ensemble.

Victoria Vox also recorded a marvelous version.  Here’s a video of her playing the end of the song: