Legendary Aussie Band MEN AT WORK Targeted by Music Troll

Insane judge rewards gluttonous scumbag.


  1. acilius

     /  February 5, 2010

    That’s terrible. Intellectual property laws generally have become way too restrictive in recent years. So some of Wilfrid Owen’s poems are still under copyright more than 80 years after his death, for example. It’s disturbing that a case like this could even come to trial, let alone that the plaintiff could be substantially successful.

  2. cymast

     /  February 5, 2010

    This music troll Lurie had NOTHING to do with the writing of Marion Sinclair’s Kookaburra song. Lurie isn’t even related to anyone in the Sinclair family. I doubt he’s ever written a song in his life. I’d bet money he knows nothing about the creative process. And to top it all off, THE RIFF IS NOT THE SAME. What a greedy bastard!

  3. acilius

     /  February 5, 2010

    It’s disgusting, that’s for sure.

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