Jones’ BIG ASS Truck Rental and Storage

Find him on them internets.


  1. acilius

     /  July 1, 2009

    Hilarious spots! I followed the link to his page advertising his new venture, “Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage.” Not so sure I want to try that one.

  2. cymast

     /  July 1, 2009

    If I were in the greater Chicago area and wanted to store some junk, Jones’ BIG ASS Truck Rental and Storage would be my 1st and only choice.

    But ix-nay on the BBQ foot massage for me too . .

  3. acilius

     /  July 1, 2009

    “Good Ass Foot Massage”- maybe, if I’d had a few drinks. “Good Ass BBQ”- no, definitely not. “BBQ and Foot Massage”- holy Christ you’ve got to be kidding. “Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage”- I’m leaving now…

  4. cymast

     /  July 1, 2009

    Oh thanks I pictured BBQ-covered feet massaging . . oh never mind.

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