How to destroy the Earth

There’s a presidential election coming up, so it’s easy to imagine that our least favorite candidate will win and annihilate the human race, or perhaps all life on Earth.  But why should he stop there?  Science offers an array of several more-or-less plausible methods of destroying the planet itself. 

Here’s a top ten list; and here‘s the original from which that list was derived.  An isotope geochemist points out a relatively simple method his discipline has enbled him to see.  This video explains how antimatter could be used to erase the Earth completely; this one explains how a wandering black hole could swallow the Earth.  Here is a news story reporting reasons why would-be Earth destroyers shouldn’t get their hopes up that the Large Hadron Collider will do their work for them.   Several years ago North Korea threatened to destroy the Earth rather than have another meeting with Donald Rumsfeld; I must admit they had a point.  Also, gays apparently have the power to destroy the Earth by getting married.  Who knew?

Unsuspected Powers of Scotch Tape

One of many medical applications

One of many medical applications

Apparently, if you peel Scotch tape off a surface the tape emits X-Rays.  No word on whether it works with other adhesive brands. 


Ukuleleists for Obama

Ukulele enthusiasts may wonder what it means for us that so prominent a figure as Mr. O grew up in Hawai’i, the homeland of the instrument.  Did he play it when he was young?  No- but this very year, he was seen taking a ukulele lesson from virtuoso Abe Lagrimas, Junior

According to ukulelehunt, the web is now crawling with people strumming the ukulele to show their support for his campaign.  Ukelilli is an example. 

From ukulelia, a short film about “Ukes for Obama” with a couple of songs, including their anthem, “Aloha Mama, I’m Voting for Obama.”


More Felines and Humans Living Together

uncredited photo

uncredited photo

Liberty Bell song

Phranc earns the “all-American” part of her favorite sobriquet (“the all-American Jewish lesbian folksinger”) with this song about one of the USA’s national icons and its meaning for the past and present.

The 86,800 Commonest English Words

Are these, apparently.

Lee Mawdsley

An image from Lee Mawdsley, via the artist and his model:


From Language Log, examples of what happens when writers talk to themselves.

Words ending in “ism”

Here‘s an attractively designed webpage listing a few words that end in “ism.”  I’m not sure what the guiding principle is behind his selection of words- there are just a couple of hundred here, out of thousands to choose from.  Even a onelook search limited to “*ism:beliefbrongs brings up 280 entries.

Webtender- In My Bar

Quick- guests are coming, and you only have absinthe, vinegar, and whipping cream in the kitchen. What possible libation can you whip up? Well, not any known libation, but with a few additional ingredients, you can get your party started . .

(Play around to get the hang of selecting and saving ingredients.)