Ukuleles for Peace

Thanks to Armelle for promoting this documentary about Ukuleles for Peace, a group that brings Jewish and Muslim children in Israel together to play ukuleles. Daphna Orion and Paul Moore are the husband-and-wife team behind the organization; their comic bickering in Part One is worth the price of admission. 

Part One

Part Two

Christmas Ukulele Videos

Al Wood has posted two collections of Christmas-themed videos at Ukulele Hunt (here and here); his top pick from these two is Mad Tea Party’s “Oh Shit, It’s Christmastime.”  Armelle has posted an excellent collection at Ukulele and Languages.  My favorite of her picks is “Ukulele Christmas” by “yosinobu1950.”  UkeToob hasn’t put up a dedicated collection, but there are some Christmas songs there, most notably GensBlue’s Django Reinhardt-inflected “All That Ukulele Christmas” and Ukulele Mike’s appealingly earnest cover of “Merry Christmas (War is Over.)” 

I won’t embed any of those videos here.  Instead, Ill post two of Armelle’s own, non-Christmas oriented, performances. 

Sverige (in Swedish)

What if a day, by John Dowland

Al Wood covers the Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s “Music for a Found Harmonium”

Al Wood, proprietor of the indispensible Ukulele Hunt, is also an excellent uker himself, as this cover of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra‘s “Music for a Found Harmonium” shows. 

I’ve been a fan of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (their stuff is for sale here) since running across the ballet Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, which PCO founder Simon Jeffes wrote based on pieces he’d done with the original incarnation of the group.

UPDATED, 6 November: Armelle Europe has put an interview with Al on Ukulele and Languages in which this video is featured.  The interview is terrific, as we would expect of Ukulele and Languages.

Pattern recognition

Friend of the blog Armelle Europe has posted a couple of hilarious videos by Alfred Williams at her website, Ukulele and Languages.  If you like puns, you’ll like “I Can’t Think of Any Jokes“; if you like visual puns, you’ll like “Trinidad Looks Quite Like Wales.”  Some time ago, Armelle embedded a video of Alfred Williams performing “Love Machine” in Latin, which I include below.

Machina Amoris