Fun and Easy Magic Spells

Spells should be cast with respect and reverence. 

Keep in mind the Rule of 3: Spells cast with intent of malevolence will cause malevolence to return to the spellcaster threefold. Spells cast with intent of benevolence will cause benevolence to return to the spellcaster threefold.

Spells for Halloween or anytime:


Created by: Sir Summer ShiningStar

 Given to: the Great Puzuzu 

You will need: a handful of candy; a white or orange candle 
 What to do: Light the candle, and put the candies in a pile. Make a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs of both hands, and move them in a deosil (clockwise) direction over the candies while chanting:
“Charmed are these candy treats.
  Good fortune to all I merry meet!”
Then give away the candies to friends and family and three people you don’t know. 


This spell gives a person the mind of a frog.

Point to a particularly dense person and say:

“Higady, pigady, pong! I give you a mind of a frog.”

The dense person’s intelligence should then skyrocket to that of a frog.



Created by: Silver RavenWolf

Objects can be returned to you if they have not been destroyed and they want to come back. Objects carry energy too, even if they don’t “think” in the way we do.

 On a piece of paper, write a description of the object you have lost. Hold the open paper on the palm of your hand. Say the words “Little Bo Peep” three times, then crumple the paper in your hand, as if you’ve just caught a fairy- which you just did! Keep the paper closed in your hand. Search for the object you have lost. Don’t let the fairy out until you find the object.
(And you thought fairy tales were just kiddie stories!)

 Sometimes the energy of the object would be better off somewhere else. If this happens, the object will not return to you. If you can’t find what you lost within a week, be sure to let the fairy go.