Bobby the Page

I think  Boby jindal sounds just like Kenneth the page from30 Rock.  See what you think. 

Day 1 in Office!

I am glad to see that President Obama has already started working on keeping promises.  Maybe an elected official can tell the true. 

“Obama’s new lobbying rules will not only ban aides from trying to influence the administration when they leave his staff. Those already hired will be banned from working on matters they have previously lobbied on, or to approach agencies that they once targeted.

The rules also ban lobbyists from giving gifts of any size to any member of his administration. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the ban would include the traditional “previous relationships” clause, allowing gifts from friends or associates with which an employee comes in with strong ties.

The new rules also require that anyone who leaves his administration is not allowed to try to influence former friends and colleagues for at least two years. Obama is requiring all staff to attend to an ethics briefing like one he said he attended last week.”


Tori Amos – 1,000 Oceans

I think 1,000 Oceans is about suporting someone through life.  I think you can aply it to all kinds of relationships.

The Peace Testimony

I read an article in Quaker Life Magazine’s September/October 2008 issue called Renewing the Quaker Testimony of Peace.  The article was written by long time world peace worker Landrum Boling.  It is an excerpt from a speech he made that can be found on  The article starts in true Quaker fashion by calling for self reflection.  “Who are we?  Where are we going?  What are our basic values and purposes?  What are our ultimate goals?  What are our most important daily interests and responsibilities?  What are the real guidelines, spoken and unspoken, by which we live?  He writes that, “we are called to search for new and better ways, strategies, processes and procedures by which to work more effectively towards achieving the highest purposes that inspire us.”  He uses reflection along with question when thinking about, “Renewing the Quaker Testimony on peace.”  Next, he cautions Quakers against being prideful about their long standing commitment to peace.  He writes.  “The doctrine of nonviolent resistance to war and to other manifestations of hatred, oppression and violence, have been taken up by both evangelical and mainstreams Christians, by Jews and by Muslims.  It is widely supported by Buddhists and Hindus.  Gandhi, we remember, was a devout practicing Hindu.”  He ends the article with the biblical points that Quakers use for guidance with the issue of peace.   


Monster Mash


Tori Amos – China

I love music by Tori Amos.  She has a great voice and can really play the piano.  China was one of the first songs to introduce me to Tori’s work.  It is a beautiful song that I enjoy singing along with.  ENJOY!


I really enjoyed looking at this picture.  I played with a slinky not too long ago.  I had forgotten how hypnotic they can be.  They are like video games only a lot cheaper and simpler.

Joe’s not a Plumber

I just had to look up Joe the Plumber to see who was getting so much press.  It turns out he is not a plumber after all!  I found a video about him on CNN.  The first part is funny.  Then comes Joe’s interview, he and I don’t share the same political views but that’s ok because in this great country we have the right to disagree.  He hates social security and believes it should be done away with.  Well, I hope he never needs it but if he does he will change his mind.  The video ends with a long talk between CNN people.  I disagreed with a few points made but the one that bothered me the most was that Americans apparently don’t care about abortion or our schoolds right now we just care about the economy.  Well, I care about ALL of those issues!  So There!

Space Baby