Ross Pearsall’s “Super-Team Family” is pretty great

Strangely, I have neglected to post anything here about one of my favorite things on the internet, Ross Pearsall’s “Super-Team Family” (a.k.a. “Brave and Bold: Lost Issues.”)  Every day, Mr Pearsall presents a cover for a comic book that would feature two or more characters who, for whatever reason, have never been teamed up by their copyright holders. Here are some of my favorites:

Snoopy vs Enemy Ace:


Superman and Popeye (notice Supey is reading the comic above):


Serious comic fans will remember that Superman had a Popeye-like frenemy named Captain Strong whom he encountered on three occasions.

Batman vs the Legion of Super-Pets:


Mr Pearsall often laments the hyper-serious tone of today’s DC Comics, and contrasts it with the light-hearted approach represented by the Legion of Super-Pets.

Batman and Scott McCloud (the author of Understanding Comicsand creator of Zot!):


Batman and Madman:


Green Lantern and Green Lama:


Maybe the next pairing will be Green Finch and Linnet Bird. Anyway, I first heard of the Green Lama, a.k.a. Jethro Dumont, many years ago, but had never seen him before this cover. I love “Jethro Dumont” as the name of a superhero’s alter ego.

The Thing and the Beatles:


I always like it when Mr Pearsall pairs a comic book superhero with a real person, as Batman with Scott McCloud above or Wonder Woman with the Beatles here.

The Rocketeer and Airboy:


Wonder Woman and Asterix:


Wonder Woman and Miss America:


Something I’ve suggested is Wonder Woman vs Bob Hope- there was a Bob Hope comic book that ran from 1950 to 1968 that depicted Hope as a serial sexual harasser, so the cover would show Wonder Woman holding him in the Lasso of Truth and sternly forcing him to admit the wickedness of his lecherous ways. Guess I’ll have to draw that one myself…

Star Trek and Duck Dodgers:


It’s good to see the often-forgotten animated Star Trek series used in these covers.

Captain Kirk on the Planet of the Apes:


I’ve always loved Star Trek and liked Planet of the Apes, so this pairing makes me smile.







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