Star Pilot #7

Jules Jupiter, from Star Pilot #1

I’m glad to say that I’ve received an advance copy of Star Pilot #7, the latest installment of our favorite photocopied comic book. In this one, Jules Jupiter, super-intelligent simian who sometimes flies among the stars and sometimes acts as a roving sleuth here on earth, travels to a fictional country where a dictator has spent 30 years or more trying to erase all awareness of history from the minds of his compatriots.  Jules meets an old man who tells him of a legendary pop star from the 1970s whose music might restore freedom.  In an apparent nod to Star Wars, the old man reveals himself to be this pop star.  As in that venerable film Old Ben Kenobi resumed the name Obi Wan and took up the light sabre again after he revealed his true identity to R2D2 and company, so Julio Clemente resumes the name JuCle and takes up his electric guitar again after he has told Jules Jupiter his story.  The story reimagines this pop culture classic in a nonviolent form.  There are no explosions, no shootings, no sword fights,only music and the prospect of a negotiated settlement.  That fits with the peace-minded ethos of the previous issues, but is still a surprise in the ultra-violent world of comics.  Check Jules Jupiter’s online store to see when it will be available for purchase.  Issues 1-6 are there now, at the amazingly low price of $1 apiece.

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