Mr O and the facts

Nation magazine columnist Gary Younge supports Barack Obama; his latest column ends with the line “Obama needs to get out there and fight.”  Fight for what?  For a connection with reality.  As Younge says:

The sad truth is that even when presented with concrete and irrefutable evidence, some people still prefer the reality they want over the one they actually live in. Herein lies one of the central problems of engaging with those on the American right. Cocooned in their own mediated ecosystem, many of them are almost unreachable through debate; the air is so fetid, reasonable discussion cannot breathe. You can’t win an argument without facts, and we live in a moment when whether you’re talking about climate change or WMD, facts seem to matter less and less.

So far, so good.  But I simply do not see the evidence that Mr O is inclined to fight the Right.  On most issues, the president stands well to the right of public opinion, and benefits from the fact that the only effective opposition he faces comes from a party that is even further to the right than he is.

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  1. lefalcon

     /  December 18, 2010

    Yeah. I do like his description of the right. However people who want Obama to “fight,” apparently believe Obama is a coward, and they want him to get over his cowardice. The reality, sadly, is that Obama believes he’s doing a really good job! He doesn’t view himself as a coward at all. He believes that capitulating to the corporatist establishment and thereby garnering a few slender crumbs = ballz.

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