USA: CRAZYWORLD! — Episode 2

aI guess you have to make at least two of something before it can be technically called a “series.” I’m not entirely comfortable with the flippant, satirical usage of Jesus Christ here … but as one can plainly see, the humor is never at Jesus’ expense. (How have they been able to make the “Blondie” strip all these years without even once bringing in Christ to help set up a joke?)


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  1. acilius

     /  September 30, 2009

    That’s an interesting update of the tale of Barabbas. Beer-abbas, as it were. Isn’t “abbas” classical Hebrew for “father”? If so, “Beer-Abbas” might be an ironic word for G. W. Bush. Bush owes his career to the fact that he is the son of G. H. W. Bush. As a son, he is the heir of a US president; as a father, he is a drunken Barabbas.

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