I swore that I would create a comic strip called USA:  CRAZYWORLD! and come out with — if not hundreds of installments; God knows the subject matter is rich enough — at least one.  Hmm.  During the Bush administration, withdrawal from Iraq was said to be UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE.  (Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists!!!)  Now a gradual “standing down” in Iraq is taken for granted.  So what changed?  Wait, don’t tell me!  THE SURGE WORKED.  Yeah, that’s it.  So let’s “surge” Afghanistan … and then we will be able to withdraw from there, too!  God, it all makes so much sense.  Anyhow, in conclusion:  “GO, USA!!!”usa crazyworld! 1 of 2

usa crazyworld! 2 of 2

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  1. acilius

     /  September 25, 2009

    I vote for hundreds of installments! Or at least one more!

    You have a real talent for comics, LeFalcon. I can’t find my copy of “Standard Man” anywhere, if I could I’d post that here. And the world should also see your “Black Cat” strip sometime.

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