Funny Times, November 2008

Many columns and cartoons this month ridiculing Wall Street and its enablers in Washington for the financial meltdown and the bailout that followed.  The “Minister of the Treasury of the Republic of America” joke email is included.

“Curmudgeon” gives a series of quotes about gluttony, fatness, and dieting.  The best is a line from P. G. Wodehouse: “She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say ‘when.'”

Keith Knight asks how the corporate media would treat Sarah Palin if she were black anda Democrat.  Here’s his scenario:


  1. lefalcon

     /  November 10, 2008

    The strip is funny. Especially the thing about “fly-by shootings of Alaskan wildlife.” Unfortunately, that is *exactly* the type of thing rightwing pundits like Hannity and Limbaugh would latch on to, precisely because it evokes DRIVE-by shootings. They delight in just this sort of racially-tinged taunting … and for that reason, Knight is surreally but regrettably on-target.

  2. acilius

     /  November 11, 2008

    Yes, the whole thing is so easy to hear.

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