Violent Incidents

“SANAA (Reuters) – Yemen stepped up security around government buildings and foreign interests on Tuesday a day after a suspected al Qaeda suicide bomber killed seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis at a tourist site.

“President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose country joined the U.S.-led war against terrorism after the September 11 attacks, said Yemen had received warnings last week of an impending attack but did not know where or when the militants would strike.

“He offered a $75,500 reward for information leading to the capture of militants linked to the attack at the Queen of Sheba Temple in the volatile eastern province of Marib.”

Ma’rib Governorate contains the ancient (and now completely defunct) Ma’rib dam and other old archaeological sites of interest.  There has been a longstanding problem of local militants periodically kidnapping Western tourists.  The goal is to draw the Yemeni government’s attention to certain grievances.  I have no idea what these grievances are or how they are assuaged by kidnappings.  Recently there had been another violent incident; it happened in Shabwa Governorate.

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