Aden and Vicinity

Aden is situated on a peninsula, with a sister peninsula to the west.  The city has several districts, called Crater; Ma`alla; Tawahi; Khormaksar.  There’s a boardwalk area, known as the corniche.  I noticed a white thing, washed up on the beach.  It looked like a stingray but seemed too thick.  The traffic around town isn’t that bad.  There’s old architecture intact from the British period.  In Khormaksar, for example, there’s a series of wood-frame things, about three stories tall.  They look like old military barracks.  An odd evocation of the colonial past.  When I got here, the weather was so humid that just walking around for a few minutes made me pour sweat.  Now it’s dusty and windy.  Sometimes I could use a pair of yellow-tinted safety goggles.

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  1. vthunderlad

     /  July 4, 2007

    Do you want to take another “crack” at posting the map? It looks like much of it is cut off. It should be shrinkable, or postable in a different format.

    This brings up the blog “style” or “theme” as WordPress calls it. The one I chose is easily changed – in fact I may simply change it a few times.

    Please comment!

  2. lefalcon

     /  July 4, 2007

    I knew the thing was getting cut off. But I couldn’t figure out how to stop that from happening. I may try again when I get the chance.

    I really liked how the site looked at the beginning,
    with the black background and the two rectangular ‘windows’ displaying unidentifiable matter. However this is extremely cool also. I like the theme of the mechanized Godzilla-type figurine that keeps cropping up in different configurations.

  3. acilius

     /  July 5, 2007

    I vote for this format- much easier to read.

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