I like Pandora

I’ve been putting in some long hours on the job recently, which is why I haven’t been posting much.  One thing I do to break up the monotony of long sessions of paperwork is to let one or another of our Pandora stations play in the background.  Pandora has introduced me to a lot of music that I like very much.  For example, I’d never heard of Labi Siffre until “Bless the Telephone” popped up on some station or other, now he’s one of my favorites.  Nor had I heard of Polk Miller until “Pussycat Rag” ” (download it for free here) came on our station devoted to the Hoosier Hotshots, now I can’t get enough of him either.   So here are YouTube embeds featuring those two artists.

Labi Siffre, “Bless the Telephone

Polk Miller and the Old South Quartette, “What a Time

Also, here’s Labi Siffre’s own website.  Since Polk Miller died in 1913, he doesn’t maintain a website, but here’s a review of a CD release of his recordings.