Alexis Alchorn

Alexis Alchorn and Jason Tagg

Alexis Alchorn and Jason Tagg

Recently I posted about the Corktown Ukulele Jam, a Wednesday night event at the Dominion on Queen.  One of the performances I embedded there was by Alexis Alchorn.  I admit she could use a bit more training, both with her uke playing and her singing, but she really is an excellent songwriter and a pleasant stage presence, as you can see in this episode of Midnight Ukulele Disco from last year.  The episode runs about 26 minutes, I’ve had it on in the background as I’ve been working this morning.  Here’s a link to her myspace page.

Corktown Ukulele Jam

Here are some youtube videos from Toronto’s Corktown Ukulele Jam, held every Wednesday night at the Dominion on Queen. 

An ad for the occasion; Rochelle Gagnon is the Oyster Queen; “A lot of people think this song is about sex, but it’s really about strawberries”; Eve Goldberg has found a “Cold Wind Blowing.”  (The Gordon Lightfoot fans among you will be especially impressed); Collette Savard and John Zytaruk, “I see you.”  Alexis Alchorn looks really young for her age- she remembers the “Dinosaurs.”  It’s a great song and she has the perfect voice to sing it.  As for her uke playing- well, she’s written a great song and she has the perfect voice to sing it.