Good Old Lou

 A while back, I said I would do posts about Lou, the baseball player, because I think it is sad that he got a disease named after him.  There was so much more to him than the way he died.  Here is a quote from him that I find interesting:

“Lets face it. I’m not a headline guy. I always knew that as long as I was following Babe to the plate I could have gone up there and stood on my head. No one would have noticed the difference. When the Babe was through swinging, whether he hit one or fanned, nobody paid any attention to the next hitter. They all were talking about what the Babe had done.”

I guess it would have been difficult to be a baseball player in Babe’s day, if you did not want to melt into the background.  I think it would have been awesome if Lou would have tried standing on his head.

Lou Gehrig

“A” and I were talking the other day about the sad fact that lou Gehrig’s awesome accomplishments get over shadowed by the tragic way he died.  I will be putting up a number of posts that highlight his baseball career.  I am doing this to honor the real and spectacular lives of Lou Gehrig, my physical therapist Jane, and others who should be remembered for the way they lived.