Phoenician remains

Phoenicians bartering

Phoenicians bartering


The ancient Phoenicians made the MSN homepage today, with this article about a 2900 year old cemetery unearthed near Beirut.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The latest issue of The Economist mentions the works of early modern Italian master Giuseppe Arcimboldo, prompting me to post a couple of Arcimboldo’s typical pieces. 


White Boy

Several years ago I visited the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis.  There was an exhibition of paintings by a group of artists who were active in the 1930s and 1940s.  They developed a style that showed the influence of southwestern Native American art.  The first painting I saw looked extremely familiar.  When I saw that the painter was Garrett Price, I knew why.  In the mid 30s, Price created a comic strip called WHITE BOY.  Two Sunday installments of the strip were reproduced in a book my parents had when I was a kid, The Smithsonian Collection of American Newspaper Comics.  Those strips fascinated me; the same style Price and his fellow painters of the southwestern school used in their paintings was featured there.  

Several WHITE BOY strips are scanned in and available for viewing at this address: