Tom Mulcair’s voice

Canada’s New Democratic Party recently ousted Tom Mulcair from his post as its leader. Which gives me an opportunity to tell a true, if not very grand, story.

The first time my wife, Mrs Acilius, heard Mr Mulcair’s voice, she was very excited. She’s all about inclusion of people with visible disabilities (which is why “Disability Visibility” is a topic on this blog,)  and she was thrilled that someone using an electronic voice synthesizer was the leader of a major political party. I hated to tell her that he just talks like that, but I had to- she was so happy about it, she was on the verge of calling up friends of hers who do in fact use voice synthesizers and sharing the good news with them.

She refused to believe me. He was on TV, not the radio, so she came into the room where I was watching him and saw for herself. Here’s a video clip that may show you why she was so convinced:

Anyway, far be it to me to kick a man when he’s down, even if I suspect he may be at least part robot. Best wishes to Mr Mulcair for success in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

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