Our old page of links to sites about Language and Linguistics

Time to say goodbye to our page of links to sites about Language and Linguistics.  Here’s the last revision, made 1 November 2012:

Language and Linguistics

(This page last updated 1 November 2012)

Arnold Zwicky, grammar guy who likes pictures

Back of the Cereal Box, a word guy who likes pictures

Fritinancy, Nancy Friedman on naming, words, and linguistics

The Greenbelt, “Language Liberalism Freethought Birds”

harm·less drudg·ery, “life inside the dictionary”

Heads Up, what happens when news services don’t budget for a proper editorial staff

John McWhorter, who holds more academic titles than I own pairs of socks

Language Continuity, Jesus Sanchis thinks many historical linguists are clinging to outmoded ideas

Language Hat, not exclusively concerned with the language of hats, or with hats as language

The Language of Food, food vocabulary analyzed by linguist Dan Jurafsky

Language Log, a blog maintained by linguists

Language on the Move, “Language Learning, Multilingualism, Intercultural Communication” surveyed by Ingrid Piller

The Lexicographer’s Rules, by Grant Barrett

Lingua Franca, from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Literal-Minded, “linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally”

The Lousy Linguist, which is not at all lousy

My First Dictionary, which is what Ambrose Bierce might have written had he been alive and reading children’s books in the 1950s; apparently it’s author no longer plans to update it, but if you haven’t seen it it’s worth a look

Oxford Etymologist, Anatoly Liberman

Paleoglot, mainly about the reconstruction of Indo-European and early Aegean languages

Replicated Typo, language evolution

School for Linguists, Georgetown University grad student Daniel Ginsberg is interested in how people use language on each other

Sentence First, Stan Carey provides “an Irishman’s blog about the English language”

Stroppy Editor, Tom Freeman minds “other people’s language.  A lot.”

Ukulele and Languages

Visual Thesaurus/ Word Routes

A Walk in the Words with Laura Payne

Word Origins.org, Dave Wilton

World Wide Words

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