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I’ve been trimming down the links pages connected to this site; the idea of a links page is hopelessly old-fashioned, and neither I nor anyone else was using most of them. But I’ve been copying them into posts, as a way of recording what they looked like.  So, here’s what our list of Science links looked like when it was finally deleted:


(This page most recently updated 12 January 2012)

Since people are saying that this blog is a good source of news about science (well, okay, only one person has said that, but she’s very smart,) it seems right that  there should be a page of links to science news and blogs.

Our own science section

Afarensis99, “anthropology, evolution, and science,” with a blogroll that includes dozens of anthropologically-oriented websites

Andrew Gelman, “statistical modeling, causal inference, and social science.”  In other words, lots of fun little squibs about stuff in the news.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Blog Around the Clock, chronobiologist “Coturnix” on clocks, animate and inanimate, freestanding and collective

Built on Facts, Matt Springer, physics grad student by day and champion of Enlightenment values by night

Colin Schultz, Canadian science journalist.  He conducts very good interviews with scientists, journalists, and science journalists for his blog.

Discover Magazine

E Science News


Greg Laden, who shows us what Acilius means when he says that anthropology is a field that attracts megalomaniacs

Guilty Planet, Jennifer Jacquet on climatology, the relation between science and humanities, and other topics; hasn’t updated in a while

The Hubble Site

Jokah MacPherson, an accountant who’s interested in statistical analysis and the social sciences

John Hawks, mostly about biology and physical anthropology

Junk Charts, “recycling chartjunk as junk art”

Language Log, a blog maintained by linguists

Minute Physics, videos most of which take longer than a minute, though if you watch them on a very small screen they would be minute

Not Exactly Rocket Science, may occasionally hint at rocket science

Numberphile, Brady Haran’s videos about numbers

The Periodic Table of Videos

Pharyngula, “evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal”

PLoS One, “accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science”

Science Daily, aggregator maintained by the Chronicle of Higher Education

Science Now, a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science sections of the Independent, the BBC, the New York Times, and NPR, each of which has its strengths

Scientific American magazine

Statistics Forum blog

Strange Maps

Talk Like a Physicist, cartoons, tattoos, and other stuff involving references to physics

3quarksdaily, a filter blog with a number of science-minded editors

Vintage Space, by Amy Shira Teitel

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