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As I continue paring down our collection of links pages, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for us to let go of the one for the ukulele.  I still love the ukulele and still use some of our links pages, but that page hasn’t been updated since June 2012.  So here are the links from it that are still live as of today:

Ukulele Acts

The Bobby McGees on myspace

Bosko and Honey‘s Home Page

Herman Vandecauter’s Fine Art Ukulele, his Ukulele News,  his Twitter, and his YouTube channel.

Howlin’ Hobbit Dot Com

I am Jem Cooke– well, I’m not, but she is

Ken Middleton’s homepage and his Youtube channel.

Langley Ukulele Ensemble, music teacher Peter Luongo shows that early adolescence can be a productive time if you are Canadian and someone gives you a uke

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, their website.   See also their collective myspace page, their Twitter feed, and their YouTube Channel.  And Hester Goodman’s YouTube channel,) Will Grove-White on myspace  (he’s also on Twitter,) and Dave Suich (as Joe Bazouki of San Bazoukistan and the Missing Puddings.)  And another site for Will Grove-White.  And UOGB Fans, their chief fansite.  And any number of videos posted on YouTube, especially by their friend Lizard on Uke.

Victoria Vox, on myspace, Facebook, youtube, Twitter, tumblr, and her homepage.

Ukelele Blogs

The Backward Ukulele Player, a.k.a. Reyalp Eleluku

Humble Uker Ramblings

JazzUkes, “A Big Band on Four Strings,” by Mark Occhionero

Play Ukulele by Ear, “Website of Instructor Jim d’Ville”

Uke Attitude, very clever material, mostly en francais

Uke Crazy Bitches, some talented players

Uke, Ubu, Uke!, Marcus Anderson’s uke blog

Uke Republic, “news, reviews, and events” from Atlanta, Georgia’s foremost ukulele dealership

Ukulele Brasil

Ukulele Hunt, the premier ukulele site of the moment, maintained by Al Wood.  Al’s Tumblelog is called “UkeHunt cont.“; he maintains UkeToob; he tweets; he has a YouTube channel; and he still has a myspace page and some Delicious links.  In addition, he has a general interest blog here.

Ukulele Secrets, by Tim Keough, aka UkuleleTim

Ukulele Perspective

Ukelele Clubs and Discussion Boards

Thai Ukulele Lovers Club

Ukulele Club of France

Ukulele Clubs Around the World

Ukulele Cosmos, discussion boards for ukers

Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Lessons and Tools for Ukers

Dominator’s Ukulele Tabs, certainly dominates other tab sites

North Carolina Ukulele Academy’s Online Ukulele Tuner– if you’re a one-finger uker, it’s as good as an instrument

Online Ukulele Tuner– a simpler tool than the North Carolina one

Top 50 Ukulele Sites– a very eccentric selection, but it includes some good items

Ukulele Daily, tabs, chords, etc

Ukulele Lessons from Pineapple Pete’s Uke School

How to make a humidifier for your ukulele

Ukulele Review– reviews of instruments, accessories, and other stuff ukers buy

Classical Tabs for the Ukulele, which will appeal to the ambitious

Ukulele Tabs, a user-generated compilation

Ukulele Videos and Regular Shows

Corktown Ukulele Jam, Toronto’s finest

The New York Ukulele Cabaret, not excessively talent-centric

Ukulele and Languages, videos of people singing in various languages, accompanied by the ukulele.

Two YouTube videos:

Lovebug, by Anna van Riel

I Will Never Love You More, by SoKo

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