Our old page of links to sites featuring “Pictures, Artists, and Art Blogs”

Checking over our links pages this afternoon, I saw that the one titled “Pictures, Artists, and Art Blogs hadn’t been updated since 9 May 2011.  So I’ve decided to retire it.  Some of the links still lead to interesting things, though.  I believe all of these are live:


Amy Crehore, an artist fascinated by ukuleles

The Artist and His Model, an online arts collective

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Atompunk, some of the feverish sides of pop culture in the USA in the Cold War years

Discovery School, clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com

Flickr’s Commons

The Harvey Kurtzman Collection.

Kevin Van Aelst, technological objects arranged in organic forms

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians (Call it stereotyping, but look at the pictures and tell me you don’t see what she’s getting at)

Parenthetically– it’s subtitle asks “(what is this?)”  It’s several things, for example a startling way of looking at the consequences of industrialization.

Pattern for Plunder on Tumblr, like its archive on blogspot, is always thought-provoking, usually nsfw

Plan59, images from North American magazine advertisements of the mid-20th century.

The Richard Heller Gallery of Contemporary Art

The Royal Collection, where the Queen of England tries to impress us by showing off a lot of stuff she has around the house.

Strange Maps at Big Think

Weirdomatic, offbeat photo galleries

Artists and Art Blogs

Amy Crehore’s Little Hokum Rag

Bent Objects, not someone named Bent who objects to things, but an artist who works with objects that have increased in angularity

Christophe Gilbert, who created this image

Liquid Sculpture, Martin Waugh’s water drop art

Liza Cowan, painter, illustrator, and photographer, who will get you thinking deep thoughts

Pam Isherwood, photographer

Sara Matos, Portuguese photojournalist with an interesting style of portraiture

Scott Moore, whom some will call cheesy

See Saw, Liza Cowan’s site for her gallery, Pine Street Art Works in Burlington, Vermont

View on Canadian Art, critic Andrea Carson

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