Overheard on my lunch break

This afternoon, I stopped at a theater box office to buy tickets for a show Mrs Acilius and I want to attend later this month.  I overheard a snippet of conversation between the box office clerk and the customer ahead of me.  I didn’t hear the part leading up to it, so I don’t know what information the clerk was trying to find:

CLERK: Have you bought tickets here before?


(CLERK types on computer, looks puzzled): Could it be under your spouse’s name?

(CUSTOMER thinks long and hard, then answers in a doubtful tone): I’m not sure… probably not.

CLERK: Do you have a spouse?


From the box office, I went to Subway to eat lunch.  While I was eating, I overheard another brief cross-counter conversation:

(CUSTOMERS enter.)

SANDWICH ARTIST,* smiling brightly: Welcome to Subway!

CUSTOMER: Hi.  You seem happy.

SANDWICH ARTIST, smiling just as brightly as before: It’s fake!

*Hey, that’s their official title.


  1. acilius

     /  September 15, 2011

    Thanks, Herman! You’re certainly an expert on nice stuff, so that’s high praise.

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