Nearly rhymes, or, up your assonance

Some time ago, fotb “Mister Slither” launched a site called “Nearly Rhymes.”  He heads it “Some phrases that just about rhyme” and gives it the cautionary tagline “May include phrases that do rhyme.”  I’ll quote a few of his word pairs:

From the inaugural post, “Some phrases that include the names of nationalities and just about rhyme“:

  • Spanish spinach
  • Tanzanian human bein’
  • Who’d expect an Uzbek?
  • Phoenician phonetician
  • Wax-can the Oaxacan

From the second post, “Some hostile rhymes“:

  • He’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’
  • He’s on his way to the fist cafe
  • He’s nattering for a battering

From the third post, “Words that more or less rhyme with some animal names“:

  • Ghostly goat
  • Ostrich outrage
  • Purple gerbil
  • Compliant lion
  • Flippant hippo
  • Livelier tiger

Mister Slither hasn’t posted there since November 2010; today he added me to the site as an administrator.  To show my gratitude, I’ve put up a post called “Up your assonance!” in which I quote the dictionary and list 10 word pairs that more or less rhyme.

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