Sex, perhaps; sexiness, no

This picture shows a nude woman making an obscene gesture.  So, it would not be safe for work, unless you work in the sex industry.  Yet strikes me as eerily wholesome.  I might almost call it the opposite of pornography.

This article is titled “How great sex made me a good mom.”  The sex doesn’t sound at all great to me, rather dreary in fact; but I suppose that just means it’s a good thing there are more than two people in the world.  The title has a sort of intuitive appeal; if it’s sex that makes you a parent, shouldn’t good sex make you a good parent?  I don’t know if you really can push the analogy that far, but it seems to come naturally to humans to assume that effects should resemble causes.  And the author presents a detailed case supporting her claim that her exhaustingly experimental sex life has enabled her to succeed with an experimental approach to child-rearing.  Also, the author is married to a woman to whom she refers as “studwife,” which I first read as “stuntwife.”  I spent about half a second wondering whether this meant she was a wife who took risks others couldn’t afford to take, or whether her growth had been stunted in some way.


  1. sathishkumar

     /  March 29, 2011

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