Interesting things on political blogs

The other day, I looked through the sites we link on our “General Interest and Miscellaneous” page, and recommended a few things from them.  Now I do the same with our “Political Blogs” page. 

Something I missed when it went up in February, an interview about feminism and disability with artist Sunuara Taylor.  (Feministing)

An Afghan politician whom the New York Times identifies as a “reformer” says that “We need U.S. support. If they don’t support us for one day, we cannot survive to the next day.” (The Angry Arab)

Elite groups in the USA have made a habit of explaining high levels of immigration by claiming that there are some dirty, dangerous jobs Americans just won’t do.   (The Anti-Gnostic)

Via Bitch PhD, “People of color are not a story of suffering… or resistance.”  (Restructure!)

Via Digby’s Hullaballoo, an account of Arizonans who support legislation giving more power to the police because they are afraid the police will come after them if they don’t. 

Why the Taliban is likely to win the war in Afghanistan. (Juan Cole)

How big are the biggest American banks, really?  (Matthew Yglesias)

Via Secular Right, a review by British philosopher John Gray of a book by British philosopher A. C. Grayling.  Secularist Grayling sets out to argue against religion, equally secularist Gray points out that what Grayling is in fact arguing against is religion conceived of as simply a belief system, a view that has now been obsolete for centuries.

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