How people found us yesterday

WordPress bloggers often obsess over one particular feature the service offers, which is a list of the search terms that brought views to the site on each day.  Since Los Thunderlads is a general interest blog, our list of search terms sometimes resembles a cross-section of what people are looking for when they search the web.  Here are the search engine terms that brought people here yesterday:

periodic table  
georgia o’keeffe paintings  
andy warhol banana  
bacteriophage model  
stanley fish habermas  
yinka shonibare  
barney fife photos  
barney fife  
ugly hijabi  
gordon lightfoot  
andy warhol banane  
female sex comics guns  
lionel trilling  
zippers in art  
gay periodic table  
naughty muslim women  
google books frontispiece  
burqa pictures  
chadri naked  
white tie  
kids playing  
vietnam sheaf  
women who like rape  
rape of the sabine  
veiled face  
“barney fife”  
horse embryo  
hijab fashion  
royal albert hall  
period table  
muslim women street  
patricia piccinini  
banana andy warhol  
roman military soldier equipment  
giuseppe arcimboldo  
red transparent umbrella  
chemistry textbook periodic table  
robot thinking  
aden yemen map  

As was the case in my previous post along these lines, I can explain some of these, but not all.  Moreover, there are some which,  while I can explain how they led people here, I cannot explain how anyone came to search for them.  For example, “gay periodic table” seems to have led here; but why anyone searched for that particular phrase leaves me at a loss.  That two people came here yesterday as the result of searching for it seems really strange.  And why this site should rank third in a Google Images search for “horse embryo”, I have no idea.

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