A seasonal acrostic

An acrostic is a poem in which the first letter of each line, in sequence, will form a name, motto, or other message.  Acrostics often commemorate holidays; for example, many Americans once marked Mother’s Day with a song that began “M is for the many things she gave me.”  And a Google search for “Christmas acrostic” brings up this many results.   

Apparently Arnold Schwartzenegger, who for some reason that eludes me is the Governor of California, views his vetoes as holidays.  Note the heartwarming free-verse acrostic in his latest veto message to the state legislature, via Wonkette :


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  1. cymast

     /  October 28, 2009

    A member of my former poetry group once

    composed an acrostic of my first name, then

    read it aloud during a poetry meeting. He’s

    one of my favorite poets, but not for that

    simple reason. His poems were usually quite

    twisted and bizarre, and he was the most

    interesting member. At one point I had a

    crush on him.

  2. acilius

     /  October 28, 2009

    He must have been
    one very
    whimsical writer to have produced
    such a poem
    when he could just as
    easily have composed something
    every bit as amusing without such
    tiring effort.

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