Not that telegraph keys are much in demand these days, but this is a fully functional model,

Not that telegraph keys are much in demand these days, but this model is fully functional

Alexandra is a friend of the blog, and she maintains a great site called Weirdomatic.  It consists of photo galleries, each taking a design concept that would seem improbable and illustrating it with the work of many artists who have approached it.  The latest is devoted to art using clothespins as a theme.  She doesn’t post very often, but each gallery she does put on her site shows great care.  Not only does each of her galleries include examples sufficient to illustrate the theme effectively, but each is arranged in a strikingly creative, suggestive way. 

Another site I often check for pictures illustrating offbeat design concepts is called Crooked Brains.  Weirdomatic fans are lucky if Alexandra posts once a month; Crooked Brains often posts several times in one day, and its galleries are also consistently interesting, if not quite as meticulously cultivated as Alexandra’s.  I wondered how they did it.  When I found this gallery that was published on Crooked Brains on 9 October, I began to think that I had figured out how they did it.

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