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3dstereoFrom the latest bulletin Las Vegas-based 3DStereo  sent to its mailing list:

News and More News:
Sources at Fisher-Price have disclosed that View-Master products are listed in the product list of 2010. A discontinued product line would have no such listing. And although it was not clear what new products are in the offing, it is heartening to hear that View-Master is at least listed for next year.

Of much greater significance, is the news that a tentative agreement has been reached between Fisher-Price and a group of private parties to carry on the work of the now disbanded Custom/Scenic Division. With a surviving reel making machine in Seattle, like the Phoenix rising out of the fire, it appears that the future holds in store for the world, new and favorite scenic View-Master reel sets as well as the ability for custom reel production for the commercial sector.

The Seattle based Alpa Cine, which produced the processed film for the F-P factory in Mexico has combined with Debra Borer, former, able steward of the Custom/Scenic Division pre-2006 will once again head up that exciting, new part of Alpa Cine.

But all is not perfect, probably because the absence was too short, once again Finley-Holiday is being considered distributor of the scenic reels even though their inefficient attitude to View-Master in the past and its resultant distribution practices may have been partly the initial reason that Fisher-Price gave up on scenic View-Master. But then, nothing is always perfect.

More news will be forthcoming and 3Dstereo will endeavor to keep all informed.

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