Eight years of one day

tomwaitsEight years ago today some Tom Waits songs started running through my head.  “Yesterday is Here” seemed very timely; “today’s grey skies, tomorrow is tears,/ you’ll have to wait til yesterday is here.”  That song is on the album Frank’s Wild Years; several times in those days I set my CD player to play two cuts from Frank’s Wild Years, “Yesterday is Here” and “Cold Cold Ground.” 

Another Waits tune that seemed to fit the day very well was “The Fall of Troy” from the Dead Man Walking soundtrack.  It’s about a boy who watched helplessly while his brother Troy was shot to death in a robbery.  The whole song is full of extremely apt lines.   “It’s hard to say grace and to sit in the place,/ of someone missing at the table./ Mom’s hair’s sprayed tight and her face in her hands/ Watching TV for answers to me/ After all, she’s only human/ and she’ll have to find her own way home.” 

“The Fall of Troy” would usually get me crying, back then.  If crying felt good, I’d turn to Heartattack and Vine and listen to “Jersey Girl.”  That would get me sobbing.  Waits said that before he wrote that song he never thought he’d use “sha-la-la” in lyrics; eight years and one day ago, I never thought “sha-la-la” would elicit tears from me.

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