Counterpunch, 1-15 Oct 2008

Alex Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair review some stories connected with soon-to-be-over presidential campaign.  They report that “a friend of ours in Landrum, South Carolina” has been making some inquiries.  Pretending to be a McCain/ Palin campaign worker, this friend attracted snarls of disgust in towns that voted almost unanimously for Bush/ Cheney in 2004.  In the countryside, the friend found that the GOP strategy  of trying to tie Mr O to terrorists and other scary types has had the effect of keeping elderly rural Republicans from putting up yard signs for McCain/ Palin.  Apparently they’re afraid Mr O will send the Weather Underground to bomb them. 

David Bonner reminisces about George DeMerle (aka George Demmerle, aka Prince Crazy, Son of Yippie,) a John Bircher who became a professional FBI informant in the 60s underground.  DeMerle earned his pay from the FBI by exposing his associates Jane Alpert, Sam Melville, Dave Hughey, and Patricia Swinton as they were in the act of planting bombs under US Army trucks at the 69th Regimental Armory in Manhattan.  DeMerle seems to have enjoyed playing the role of a far-out hippie and revolutionary radical, and even after he was exposed and rendered useless as an FBI asset he continued to live as Prince Crazy.  

As a fan of the Flashman novels, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Counterpunch website today has an article by Cockburn comparing Crazy John McCain to Sir Harry.

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